BR See Turtle

BR See Turtle: Classification and Mapping System of Sea Turtles

Marine conservation projects monitor sea turtles through an information system, following their routine and population trend, proving that each species has a different migratory and reproductive behavior. To expand this database, a possible solution would be to make a collaborative mobile application available, in which anyone who finds a sea turtle can send photos and inform the location and conditions of the animal. However, allowing anyone to include information in a database would cause problems as to its consistency, as part of the information must be validated before being inserted into the database. One of this information is the identification of the species of the turtle, specialists classify the species of the sea turtle given the amount of scales of the shells and the shape of the head. With a large-scale system, manual classification work becomes impractical, so an automatic classification system could help and decrease the work of specialists. This project proposes the study of classical pattern recognition techniques based on color and texture characteristics for automatic classification, but which differ from the human form of classification.